Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Many suicides left a mystery behind them in this world. Were they crazy? Were they evil? Or were they ill? I used to think they were simply stupid, until the day I became one of "them". My name is Nancy Xia. At age 18 I made a desperate attempt to end my life. Miraculously I survived, but sustained a severe injury and will live with a physical disability for the rest of my life. Thirteen years later, however, I am a happy and productive person. I love life and I love to live. I feel like I have an obligation to speak for others who were lost forever to suicide. After reading this book it is my hope that you will come away with a better understanding of mental illness, and an insightful perspective on some of the most troublesome social issues of our time around mental health. For these reasons I feel profoundly compelled to share my story with you. 

Download the entire story for free here.

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  1. Amazing book nancy, read it in two days.. First day 70 pages one shot... Changed my perspective on mental illness, bipolar and depression, I've always been intrested to know more about mental illness and i can say you are a beautiful and brave person inside out... Great book and recommend everyone interested in mental illness subject and /or dealing with spinal cord injury to buy it... You coukd save your beloved one..